The Keys To Happiness - S20:E1
Boy / Girl
Blake Blossom and Ken are posing for a dinner reservation, but Ken can't find his keys. Blake plays hot and cold with Ken, causing him to lose interest. They decide to forgo their reservation and engage in fucking, with Blake giving Ken a blowjob as a reward. Blake then tucks into Ken's hardon, devouring him mouthful by mouthful. They wind things down, and Blake manipulates Ken until he blows up on her massive head. They continue to enjoy their sexual encounters, with Blake using a handie to manipulate Ken until he blows up on her.
Baby Making Practice - S9:E1
In this episode of Family Swap, Aria Valencia accidentally ignites a smoke alarm while preparing breakfast for her swap family. Her swap mom, Bunny Madison, reveals she's trying to act like a wife. They decide to join the swap family, and Aria and Juan Loco, the switch son, enter the bedroom. They engage in a switch family affair, with Aria switching partners and Bunny splaying her body to satisfy Danny. Danny gives one to his swap wife, and Aria feels better as a wife.