A little Asian persuasion!

Onlyblowjob.com October 17th, 2011

The Terminator decides to take himself a little trip into the land of the Asian persuasion where he finds himself getting a serious blow job by none other then Aisha Sun! This babe devours his rocket and she does it in style! The Terminator packs a mean weapon, but Aisha sure knows how to deal with his meaty pump action. Normally this weapon can wreck a girl, but Aisha, with a touch of eastern mystery, has some moves to counteract the threat. Bob is moaning and groaning as she chomps down on his pink pistol. Ass up in the air wearing her black vinyl skirt and some real nice titties for Bob to play with. She drops down in a 69 and The Terminator gets to smack down on her tasty little fortune cookie and finds a little fortune in their with his tongue that says " you sucky sucky, you cum very hard!" Aisha maneuvers herself so that we get a grand view of her candied ginger pie and pumps Bobs pecker till it pops like a firecracker all over her sexy face!

Featuring: Aisha Sun

Categories: Blowjob, Cum In Mouth, Cum Swap, Facial, Fetish, Shaved Pussy and Boy Girl