Babes in Lesbian Foot Fetish Bath! March 18th, 2011

Hot girl-girl toe-love scene starring blonde Bridget and raven-tressed Kety Pearl. The two lovelies luxuriate in a warm bath, with Kety closing her eyes and apparently dozing while Bridget plays with her red-polished size nines. When Kety wakes up, she returns the favor by licking and sucking Bridget's glossy pink size eights. The girls engage in all manner of foot play, pressing their soles together, entwining their toes, and splashing water on their arches. While Bridget feasts on Kety's right ped, Kety puts the other one on the edge of the tub and flexes it in closeup so we can imagine being in the room and kneeling to worship her water-wrinkly soles. We see the girls' feet rubbing their pussies underwater, and then they get out of the tub so we can watch them rubbing their pussies as they stand. The cameras of Denys DeFrancesco and his crews capture many good ?portraits? of the ladies' exciting, shapely feet with their immaculate pedicures. Eventually the call of cunnilingus is strong and Kety licks Bridget from behind while thrusting her feet in our direction. Our heroines end up sitting down in the tub again and posing their feet in hot closeups so we can translate our admiration for their beauty into thick bursts of worshipful footman's sperm! One thing I must mention is Kety's amazing resemblance to the mainstream American movie star Jennifer Connelly, a beauty on whom I've always had a little crush since she showed off HER cute feet in adorable open-toed heels (as well as her nude body in an outdoor scene) in the 1990 suspense movie The Hot Spot. Kety, from the Czech Republic, is equally beautiful to Jennifer...if not more so!

Featuring: Kety Pearl and Bridget

Categories: Lesbians, Small Tits, Foot Fetish and Tattoo