Blowing Under The Bridge - Young Teen Gets Jizzed In Her Face August 10th, 2015

Amirah is our today?s star in this amazing DDF Network POV blowjob episode. She gets approached from behind by a guy with a camera who films her curvy hot ass walking up the stairs. She explains her situation about trying to find a lighter for her cigarettes and the stranger offers her a lighter for some social time in exchange. She agrees and both walk along the channel, chat and pass by bars and restaurants. The conversation leads to fucking, sex and porn and both of them get so horny, they can?t wait to jump underneath a bridge to get down to business. She offers him a blowjob and unwraps his boner within a couple of seconds, starting him off with a handjob and also sucking his rod all the way into her young and beautiful mouth. She smiles at the camera, gives us her seductive looks and there is absolutely no way to resist those gorgeous brown eyes of this young teen. It doesn?t seem to be her first time, blowing a cock under the bridge, and we certainly appreciate her professionalism, especially when people walk by and she simply doesn?t care and keeps on sucking that dick. Amirah gets jizzed in her face and swallows some cum while wiping of a few extra spills of that sperm load from her lovely face. Then she walks away with that lighter in her hands.

Featuring: Amirah

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