Chemistry works between these two girls April 22nd, 2011

Hi Guys it?s me Gina, a hot & horny girl, and when I was asked if I would like to do another set with Veronica, I jumped at the chance. No really I jumped up and down on my bed like a little girl just as thrilled as can be. I had heard so much about her long before we first met, how sexy she was and how much she like girls, but you never know about the chemistry until you get together. Well like two peas in a pod we are very close and very much the same and now that we?ve been together I know exactly what to expect. As soon as I saw her visions of our last time started flashed in my mind, I could feel my pussy give a tightening twitch, I was excited like a virgin teen on her first back seat date. Right away we began kissing, touching and rubbing each others bodies all over. Veronica pulled down the top of my dress and started licking and sucking on my breast, she must have remembered how excited I get when my nipples are sucked. She licked and sucked on both my tits back and forth first one and then the other and then I turned back around towards her and we started kissing as she played with my boobs and began rubbing my pussy. Veronica sat down on the sofa and pulled my dress down further then I bent over and stuck my ass outward and she began rubbing and licking it all over as I rubbed and played with my tits and stiffened nipples. I reached back and spread my ass open and Veronica began licking my twat, her tongue was soft, warm, and very wet, making itself my pussy?s new best friend. Both Veronica and I got on our knees, I got on the sofa and she got down on the floor, she rubbed my pussy up and down and then slowly slid her finger inside my hole. She slid her finger in and out and then she started licking my horny twat, first one and then the other, switching back and forth. Veronica came up and joined me on the sofa and we started to kiss then she laid down and I laid right on top of her and began licking her tits and nips. I sucked on her nipples and watched them rise, teasingly flicking my tongue across them again and again. If her nipples are half as sensitive as mine I know her pussy is getting all juicy and wet. I licked my way down her body and then I pulled her panties to the side, I slid my fingers up and down before slowly slipping them inside. I slid my finger in and out of her horny pink hole and licked her swelling clit then I got back up on my knees and we rubbed and played with each others pink pleasures. I leaned forward and started licking and sucking on her nipples, sucking on her tits and nips were getting me all worked up so I know what it must be doing for her. Veronica lifted her leg and I placed my tongue on pretty puss and started licking her up and down. Her pussy was warm sweet and juicy and tasted like fresh home made Cherry pie, I licked and sucked all over her snatch, I could feel my pussy was starting to drip while I licked hers. I slid my finger back inside her hole, licking and fingering her both at the same time then I slid my finger and remover my tongue from her twat and then laid down on my back. Veronica got into Doggy with her sexy round tanned ass high in the sky, she sucked on my tits and then we started kissing then she licked and kissed her way down my body. She put her tongue on my horny wet pussy and started licking me all over. I stuck my fingers in my mouth making them all nasty and wet then I rubbed and played with my nipples, teasing them as Veronica continued licking and sucking on my wet pussy. I spread my legs open as wide as I could and Veronica laid on her stomach to get more comfortable, licking my horny sweet up and down and sucking the juice from the inside out. She grabbed the Big Orange Dildo and started licking it all over and then she gave me a turn, I licked and sucked the Big Orange cock from the bottom up while making all kinds of nasty sounds. Veronica played with the dildo on my tits and then slid it across my twat and clit, before I knew it she had the dildo deep in my pussy and was fucking me hard and fast. She played and toyed with my happy clit as she fucked my horny pink hole, licking, sucking, and fucking my pussy until I had the biggest orgasm. I sat up and we started kissing, I could taste the sweetness from my pussy on her tongue as his shared a nasty tongue licking kiss then she laid back down and I kneeled in front of the sofa, pulled her panties to the side and started licking, sucking, and fingering her horny hole. I grabbed the Big Blue Dildo and started sucking it getting it all nasty and lubed then I slid it inside Veronica pussy, fucking her cunt the same way she did mine, sliding the dildo in and out as I licked and sucked on her pussy and clit. I slid the dildo from inside her pussy and she got her happy ass into Doggy then I pulled her panties off to give myself a clear shot and went right back to licking her sweet twat. I slid the Blue cock back inside her, fucking and licking her until she got off then I pulled the dildo from her cunt and we started kissing and playing with our tits.

Featuring: Veronica da Souza and Gina

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