Cute girls sucking toes! February 15th, 2011

Newcomer Leo and returning model Johane Johansson do a girl-girl scene that goes over the top! The girls start off in cute tops and shorts, as well as polka dot knee socks and colorful ballet flats. Soon Johane is kissing and licking Leo's sweet behind and pussy, and then the socks come off so that Johane can sniff them as well as lick and suck Leo's high arched bare feet. Johane pulls aside her own panty crotch so that Leo can work her toes inside the pink. When Leo pulls out her toes, they gleam with girl juice. Leo takes down Johane's own socks and returns the foot worship favors, taking several toes in her mouth and then licking Johane's butthole. The positions keep changing with the girls' restless energy, and soon Leo is penetrating Johane's slit again, getting more of that horny wetness on her clear-polished toenails. Johane really loves Leo's foot in her box, and she encourages Leo to stuff even more toes in. You'll see all the action in huge closeups both in photos and HD video! Then, to reward her friend for such attentive service, Johane sits her butt down on Leo's face so that Leo can lick to her heart's content. Leo definitely looks like she's in a happy place as she laps at her friend's crotch, until finally the two girls cuddle together and wiggle their toes at US so that we'll spurt the loads their horny hijinks have inspired in our naughty balls!!

Featuring: Johane Johansson and Leo

Categories: Foot Fetish, Shaved Pussy, Stockings Lingerie and Lesbians