Draining The Crimefighter's Cream!

Onlyblowjob.com March 29th, 2013

Blonde nurse Blue Angel and her raven-tressed colleague Denise are going about their daily tasks at DDF Genital Hospital when suddenly they look up and see--Spiderman! Well, it?s about time the human arachnid crimefighter started getting some serious pornstar action on that schlong of his, because he?s certainly worked hard enough fighting baddies to have earned a little testicular time-out! It doesn?t take much coaxing--in fact, it takes almost NO coaxing!--to get him down on the exam table where the girls can treat his meat to a sweet feat from their not-so-discreet mouths! Meaning, they get him to lay back (even while still in his costume) and blow his boner in tandem. It?s good to see that his cock is as human as anybody?s, despite his amazing powers. Denise handles and throats his tool while he plays with Angel?s snatch, then Angel sucks the shaft while Denise nuzzles the balls. See it all in our Full HD XXX erotic video! The ladies really slurp and swallow his inches, until he finally blows his oh-so-human load all over Angel?s tongue while Denise laps at the side of his shaft. Angel?s face gets quite frosted by his spunk, and then she shares that creamy goodness with Denise snowball fashion. Let?s hope Spiderman doesn?t have any villains to fight later--his aim with his web-shooter might be a little off after being drained so thoroughly in his nuts!

Featuring: Blue Angel and Denise

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