Golfing a toe-in-one! November 22nd, 2011

Sasha Rose and Denisa Heaven are golfing, and Linet is their caddy! Suddenly Sasha twists her ankle, and Linet comes to the rescue with her first aid skills which apparently include toe sucking and ankle licking. Denisa gets into the act as well, taking off Sasha?s sneaker and sniffing it. Quickly restored to health, Sasha joins the fun and takes off Denisa?s shoe to suck her toes. She also rubs Linet?s pussy with her foot. The girls roll around on the grass, the golf game completely forgotten. Denisa takes off Linet?s shoe and sock, sniffs the sock and passes the shoe to Sasha Rose for inhaling. Linet becomes the focus of attention on the green next, as Sasha feeds her feet into Linet?s mouth and then Denisa?s follow suit. The girls form a daisy chain of footsucking and masturbation with toes. You?ll almost be able to taste all these active feet yourself from watching the action! And don?t miss the closeups at the end where Linet penetrates Denisa?s pussy with her wiggly digits. Well, so much for golf!!

Featuring: Sasha Rose, Denisa Heaven and Linet

Categories: Foot Fetish, Shaved Pussy, Small Tits, Threesome and Lesbians