Healing Her Heels!

Hotlegsandfeet.com March 23rd, 2013

It has long been said that doctors do not only performing healing on their patients, but their patients heal the doctors too--heal them of their inner conflicts by giving the medicos the opportunity to serve humankind! And that is one theme we explore in a point-of-view footjob thriller as Mira Sunset shows up in Dr. Choky Ice?s office with discomfort in her otherwise hot legs and feet. What Dr. Ice has learned through his practice is to accept his foot fetish, because he has long known the curative power of his spurting cum--but had to get over his initial embarrassment at applying this intimate fluid on his female patients? limbs! Miss Sunset is only too eager to have him take off her high heels, knead and massage her sensitive peds, and then have him begin the application of the miraculous goo which can only be dispensed from his personal sperm stick. In fact, it sometimes seems as if the patient is taking over the treatment as Mira presses her soles around his jutting meat, enticing him to the maximum production of restorative fluid as she jacks his johnson with a skill and ease that makes you think this patient may well be a bit of a naughty faker, and has only ?pretended? to be ill so that she could experience the legendary bedside manner of Dr. Choky Ice! And soon enough she gets what she came for, as her red-polished toes tug out the special creme that not only makes her feel better, but makes her eager to go dancing!

Featuring: Alice

Categories: Foot Fetish, Teen, Fetish, Shaved Pussy and Boy Girl