Honey needs her sausage fix!

Onlyblowjob.com October 24th, 2011

Ricardo thought he was going for a private toss but ended up with a semi public blowjob! Enjoy this naughty bathroom scene as Cory Baby needs her sausage fix pronto! The t shirt she's wearing explains it all. She is not the type of girl you take home to meet your parents! Cory baby is interested in cock and only cock. After stumbling into the men's toilets she found Ricardo tossing off to a porn mag, so decided that as he was hard and ready to go, she should take advantage of the situation. Barging in on him, she engulfs her mouth with his swollen cock and bobs it up and down like a banshee. Despite the limited space in the toilet stall we were able to capture several angles and multiple positions as this horny bathroom cock gobbling beauty bandit ferociously milks the man for his gooey marrow!

Featuring: Cory Baby

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