How does a girl's feet get so dirty May 19th, 2011

Mandy Dee is fully made up and standing in a shower room, dressed only in a pink satin robe with...totally dirty feet and ankles! Sometimes what's especially erotic is what's left unseen, and as I looked at Mandy I couldn't help but wonder where and why her feet got so nasty. Was she out in a parking lot somewhere, fucking and sucking a big-dicked guy while standing barefoot in mud and gravel? Because the rest of her is clean. A little mystery is a useful thing to get my fantasies going! Do you feel the same way? Mandy opens her robe and reveals that luscious 34DD-25-37 body. The DDF cameras come close so we can see the red polish of her toenails peeking through the black grit on her peds. Mandy rinses her feet with the spray attachment, but the muck is resilient and she has to wash them for quite awhile. When she gets off the grime, she then thoroughly lathers with a sponge and teases us with her soapy soles. Just imagine licking the bubbles off her toes while she rubs her pussy with the sponge! It might taste awful, but if Mistress Mandy commanded it...would you refuse?? Careful not to miss any of the mess, Mandy then scrubs her feet with a heavy duty brush, rubbing it against her toes and arches. She rinses off her feet and shows us her butt at the same time, looking over her shoulder as if she's making sure that we're jacking off! Mandy then adds to our pleasure by fucking herself with the handle of the brush while thrusting her now gleaming feet in our direction. She licks and sucks her left big toe to show us how clean and tasty it is. And to finish us off, she shoves one pristine sole in our faces! What a hot set.

Featuring: Mandy Dee

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