It's love from the feet up [Part 1] August 2nd, 2011

Kety Pearl and blonde Adriana explore each other's legs as they come home from a party. Wearing colorful little dresses, they can't take their hands off each other, kissing, licking, and quickly stripping in a doorway. Looks like love to me, starting from the feet up! Their strong shapely legs look great on their high heels, as they kneel and fondle each other. Adriana takes off Kety's jeweled high heeled sandals, sniffing them and then studying the beauty of Kety's bare soles. Then Kety returns the favor and removes Adriana's silver sandals, giving them a deep sniff before sucking on Adriana's toes. Kety looks like she really wants to savor her friend's feet; in big closeups, she sniffs, licks, and sucks Adriana's size eights. Then they bring out some wine and kiss each other tenderly in the doorway. Be sure to return here next week when they move into the bathroom and settle into a Jacuzzi for an intense session of leg and foot loving!

Featuring: Kety Pearl and Adriana

Categories: Foot Fetish, Shaved Pussy, Tattoo and Lesbians