Red stiletto intoxication September 13th, 2011

Oliviya Dis and Avril Sun return from clothes shopping, and as they share their purchases with each other, it becomes clear that Avril can?t wait to get on her knees and worship Oliviya?s brand new red patent leather peep toe pumps. Who could blame her? Shoes like that are among the sexiest women can wear, although the leopard print backless slides that Oliviya starts out with are pretty damn sexy too. Avril sports some very attractive strappy sandals on her feet as well. We get great shots of the ladies? legs before Avril kneels on the floor to worship Oliviya?s red beauties. She kisses her legs, her bare feet, and most importantly, the shoes, in a very subservient way, bowing in front of Miss Dis, a position that many of us in the audience would certainly like to be in with a beautiful gal like Oliviya! The DDF cameras capture Avril?s kink-intoxicated tongue as it moves over the bows on the fronts of the red shoes, as well as over Oliviya?s red-polished toes. But the worship doesn?t stop there, and Oliviya soon has Avril sucking on her stiletto heels. The ladies are out of their panties by this time and Oliviya rubs her heels against Avril?s cunny, and then they get into a sixty-nine position adoring each other?s shoes. Oliviya does some stimulating sucking on one of Avril's pretty size fives as well--Miss Sun has really petite feet which we want to see more of!! But the wildest stuff comes at the end, when Oliviya fucks Avril?s pussy with a red stiletto heel, before letting Avril turn the tables and fuck HER asshole with a heel, even to the point of letting it just hang out of her horny rosebud! In the end, it turns out that Oliviya wants to worship her own red shoes as much as Avril does, sucking one heel while being banged in the butt by the other!!

Featuring: Avril Sun and Oliviya Dis

Categories: Foot Fetish, Shaved Pussy, Small Tits and Lesbians