Redhead reels in the snake! August 10th, 2011

We bring to you today a delectable Russian treat, Barbara, and she is fired up to give us a memorable cock suckin experience! All smiles and coconut dials with her juicy round nicely perked tatas and pencil eraser nipples for your sucking enjoyment! She is so ready for some meat in her mouth that when she swallows the camera man's fingers for a little warm up her eyes are already rolling to the back of her skull! Unzips the trouser snack from its package and fills her mouth with the tubular treat and starts a bobbin! Flickin the helmet head with her greedy tongue,and looking up at the camera with her emerald green eyes. The angle will have you looking down right over her dome just as if your pecker was the one gettin caught up in the back of her throat as she strokes your shaft and sucks your balls lick a melon candy! Oooops, looks like the trouser snake just spit in her mouth gooey gluey hot jizzz dribblin from her lips as she drinks to the last drop!

Featuring: Barbara

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