Sensuous sock play! May 31st, 2011

Redhead Ariel Piperfawn (what a magical name!) and orange-tressed Nataly roll around on a bed in cute outfits that include light green ankle socks for Ariel and white socks with pink and green patterns for Nataly. What is it about ankle socks that can be so erotic? I once knew a stripper who wore white anklets with her heels, and let me massage her toes through the socks after she gave me a lapdance. I almost came in my pants from feeling her digits wiggling underneath the cotton, and she knew how aroused I was and teased me about it! What a hot experience. I frequently think of this when I see girls in sexy socks! Anyway, you get the entire spectrum of cute-socked lesbian desire in these photos and video, with the girls showing off their colorful panties and pretty bras as they get progressively wild with each other. You'll feel as if you're right there in the room with them as they look into your eyes while they suck their pussies and, once the socks come off, lick their toes. Their bodies are in the full bloom of young womanhood, nimble and nubile and naughty and no-nonsense as they pursue without restraint the fulfillment of their insistent nookie needs!! They suck toes, sniff socks, lick soles, press socked feet between their boobies...and all the while, keep looking over at us again and again with warm, teasing smiles! They writhe on the bed, playing with their slits with bare toes, and cumming with the vibrancy of young females on the loose in a modern society that encourages them to try everything at least fifty times, and all the better if their antics are recorded on digital media so the whole world can share in their joy and lustiness!! By Jupiter, I love pornography!! And you'll especially love the overhead shots of Ariel and Nataly as they climax on their feet and then cuddle with a kiss.

Featuring: Nataly and Ariel Piperfawn

Categories: Foot Fetish, Teen, Shaved Pussy, Stockings Lingerie and Lesbians