Serve her in the shower! July 21st, 2011

Sara Class has a cool, detached expression in her eyes as she takes a shower and looks at us. What's going through her head? Well, what I imagine is a sultry Latina on her honeymoon. Her groom has waited until after the ceremony to let her know the "shocking" truth that he has a heavy-duty foot and leg fetish, that he wants to be her worshipper more than her stud! At first she is not sure what to make of this. He wants to suck her toes? Lick her soles? Hug her legs and kiss her knees, and if she "allows" him, to lap her pussy and asshole? She'd expected macho cock pounding her pussy for the next two honeymoon weeks, but instead she's discovered that she married a man who wants to get down on his knees and crawl before the beauty of her size 9 feet a SLAVE! What to do? My fantasy is that she has her hubby sit naked in the bathroom while she bathes, and orders him to tell her all about his fetish. As she peels off her robe, slides down her panties, and showers, she wants to hear what he needs to do with her legs and feet...what he CRAVES to do. She loves him, and she wants to learn all about his kinky soul. She wants to see his cock get stiff and leaky as he confesses how he wants to drink the water off her feet, that he wants to tug her panties from her ass to her thighs to her ankles and down to her toes. Soon she wants to see him sucking her toes while her panties dangle on her insteps. She wants to learn how to tease him so that she will be able to control his cock, whether rubbing it between her soles or cramming it into her cunny. Because Sara...MISTRESS Sara to him now...will give her mate what he wants, and also get what SHE needs! Clever lady! You'll be aching yourself to confess all your desires to Sara Class when you see her sensational new pix and HD video! Place your mind and your cock between her feet TODAY!

Featuring: Sara Class

Categories: Foot Fetish and Solo