She knows what slaves need! September 1st, 2011

Luscious Jana, posing for us in an atmospherically lit room full of mystery and erotic allure. With her size eight-and-a-half feet poised on black skyscraper platform shoes, her normal 5?6? height is easily transformed to almost six feet tall! Wow! Also, imagine the sound of those spiky heels as she walks across the polished floor toward you, giving you a smiling command to get down on your knees to worship her legs and feet! With the glow of reflected light illuminating the fierce sharpness of her heels, Jana readily goes from a sweet looking blonde to a dangerous dominant temptress. But if you serve her legs well, she might be kind! Jana shows us her pussy and tits, but the main course for us kink lovers is, naturally, everything connected with those lower limbs. Miss Jana demonstrates how she likes her slaves to adore her licking the platform sole herself, and sucking on the heel. She takes off her bustier and thong panties, but that?s just a tease because she knows what fetish slaves want and need. Stretching across the couch with her limber body, she tantalizes us with her long stems in those taut stockings, finally taking off both shoes and revealing to us the reinforced toes of her nylons! Jana?s feet offer a lot of territory for a tongue, so take this opportunity to worship her!!

Featuring: Jana

Categories: Foot Fetish, Milf, Stockings Lingerie and Boy Girl