She tugs him to a creamy spurt! August 13th, 2011

Kathy Sweet gets a new pair of high heels from Steve Q. They sure look better than those battered sneakers she?s been wearing! He slips the heels on her bare feet with their French pedicure and she tries them out, walking around the room in her blue denim short-shorts. Soon enough, though, she?s pressing her feet against his trousered crotch, and he licks her toes in the open front of the shoes. But then one shoe comes off so she can stick her toes in Steve?s mouth and jack his cock. Then she takes the other shoe off, holds her bare foot up to the camera so we can study it in detail, and then she strokes Steve?s meat with both soles. Kathy is very skillful, jacking Steve in the doggie position, rubbing his balls and shaft. He stands over her, kissing and sniffing her feet, but then she gets him back in her grasp, pumping his pork from below. We are treated to some gigantic closeups of her toes as they slide their way up and down his throbbing prick! Then Kathy sits down on the bed between Steve?s legs, holds his cock between her soles, and blows him. Not to orgasm, though! That privilege is reserved for her strong, talented feet, which tug him to a climax all over her calves and insteps...a gooey mess which she promptly licks up and enjoys!

Featuring: Kathy Sweet

Categories: Foot Fetish, Milf, Blowjob, Shaved Pussy, Small Tits and Boy Girl