Sliding the kielbasa in her mouth! May 24th, 2006

Hey Boy?s I?m back, it?s me Tara, You knew I wouldn?t be gone that long, I had so much last time I just had to cum back for more. I was in make- up getting a little touch when George came in and I knew right away I was going to be well fucked, he?s got a reputation for going up in girl hard and strong and there?s nothing I like better than getting a good hard pounding. George and I were both on the bed talking when he handed me my heart shaped pillow, he was trying his best to be sweet and all but I just wanted to fuck. He began rubbing my legs up and down and breast and then he stuck his thumb in my mouth for me to suck and then he reached down between my thighs and started rubbing my eager snatch. I opened up his sweater and began licking and kissing him on his stomach and then I started to unfasten his pants as we started kissing. George stripped me of my skirt but left my panties on and started teasingly licking my pussy, flicking his tongue up and down. He pulled down my top and started sucking on my boobs, exciting me and my nips like you wouldn?t believe, I just love having my nipples licked and sucked it makes me all hot inside. George pulled my panties to the side and began licking my twat panty free, licking me from the bottom up and sliding his finger in and out. He pulled my panties down and spread my pussy open wide, licking my horny pink up and down as I rubbed and squeezed my tits. George wrapped my panties around his hand and stuck his finger back inside, finger fucking my pussy hard and fast and then sticking it right in my mouth. My panties were warm damp and sweet having come straight from my twat, I sucked his finger getting my panties even more wet before panty fingering my pussy again. He pulled his finger from my pink hole and stuck it back in my mouth and then I removed the panties from his hand and stuck them in his mouth for a taste. I grabbed the waist of his pants and pulled myself up and then opened up his pants pulling out his big hard cock and began sucking him off. I fondled his balls and jerked him off while sucking and licking him up and down, I could feel his cock still growing longer and gaining girth as I slid it in and out. I laid down and lifted my leg up high and started playing with my pussy, rubbing it all around as George got himself undressed. I stuck my fingers inside horny pink hole and started fucking myself three fingers deep and then George started licking my pussy all over, flicking his across and sucking on my clit. George got up on his knees and started stabbing his long cock at my pussy, sticking it in and pulling it right back out, teasing me over and over again before fucking my pussy hard and strong. I reached down and spread my pussy open and began rubbing my clit as George continued fucking my cunt with only satisfaction in mind. George laid down behind me and slid his big cock back in my cunt picking up right were he left off ramming his cock up in me strong. George pulled his throbbing cock from my pussy and I began rubbing his balls, I wanted to make sure that when cums he has a big creamy load. I jerked on his cock getting him all stiffened up and then I slid him back inside my warm hole and he fucked my snatch even harder than before, I could feel his ball slapping my cunt as he drove his cock deep inside me. George pulled out from inside of me and got up on his knees and I wrapped my young teeny lips around his big hard cock and started sucking him off just as nasty as I knew how, licking and sucking his cock from the bottom up while I made nasty sounds. George laid down and I got on top of him and stuffed his thickness back inside my twat and then I started bouncing up and down driving his cock deep inside. I moved up and down and then back and forth not leaving anything to chance I wanted to make sure he got every bit of pussy that I had. I got up and turned around so we could fuck face to face, I wanted to able to look in his eyes as I bounced up and down on his shaft. George sat up and lifted my top and then he started sucking on my tits as he continued sliding his cock it in and out wet and happy puss. I got down from on top of him and wrapped my lips back around his cock, sucking and jerking him off as hard as I could before getting right back on top. I began bouncing up and down and then George took over and fucked me hard, fast, and strong, showing me once again how much boys my age still have to learn. I pulled his big hard cock from my teeny twat and slipped him in my mouth, sucking and jerking him up and down and then licking and sucking his balls. George got up and got me into doggy and spread me wide open spitting on my ass hole and snatch and then thumbing my pussy like a vibrator gone wild. My pussy was wetter than it?s ever been before and I could tell that he wasn?t even thinking about being through, had me in un-chartered waters but I could tell that he had been here before. George went up and over and shoved his cock in my pussy from high above fucking my pussy with every thing he had as I rubbed my eager clit. He pulled his cock out of my wet happy puss and brought it over to me to suck, it was warm wet and sweet, having come straight from my twat and I bobbed my head up and down as nasty as I knew how. He flipped me up side down so he could power drive his throbbing cock up in me and then he did just that, slamming his thickness deep in my wet cunt and getting it good. He turned around and started doing the same, I guess he was fucking me in reverse power driver if there is such a thing. He got down and stood on the of the bed and I sat up and started sucking him off, I couldn?t wait to suck my pussy juice from his hard wet cock. I pulled his cock from my mouth and started jerking him off as hard as I could and then I stuffed him back in my mouth and started sucking him off from his ball straight up slobbering up every bit of cock he had. I could feel this cock throbbing in my mouth and I knew he was about to explode so I pulled him from my mouth and jerked him off until he shot his load all over and in my face, tongue and mouth. I licked and sucked his freshly cummed cock and then wiped the cum from around my mouth and licked my fingers and then sucking them one by one.

Featuring: Tarra White

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