Soles satisfy in or out of tights! July 9th, 2011

Mia Hilton wears sheer black pantyhose, but when she lifts her dress for Thomas she reveals that the tights are cut-out around her cheeks, with just a thong going up the crack. With such easy access, Thomas quickly kisses her bottom and fingers her bright pink pussy. Then Mia sits down and sticks her right foot in his face, so he can sniff her black patent t-strap heel. He takes off the shoe so he can suck her toes through the pantyhose, then she rubs his dick with her nylon-sheathed feet before taking his tubesteak into her mouth. Soon in the doggie position, Mia jacks his cock with both of her pantyhosed feet. Then Thomas gets on his knees and licks her pussy to prepare it for his prick. As he faces her and fucks her on the couch, he licks her soles through the sheer hosiery. They screw spoon and doggie style too, but then Thomas is compelled to pull off her tights completely to savor her lovely bare toes with their dark pink polish. Her size 7.5's sure look tasty!! Mia climbs on his dick and her toes clench his thighs as she rides his boner. She sticks her feet in our direction, flexing her toes so our eyeballs can savor her sexy sole wrinkles. Getting lost in the sensations of the cock cramming her cunny, Mia gets ever wilder with passion. Then for the grand finale she lays on her back and Thomas uses her soles as a landing strip for his cum. While she licks his dick clean afterward, she presents her well-creamed feet to us for our intensive study!

Featuring: Mia Hilton

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