Spanking and Foot Fun! October 11th, 2011

A playful outdoor spanking of Shannon Reid by Tess leads to some serious foot worship. Shannon looks great in her blue ?jeggings? (leggings that look like jeans) as she's spanked by Tess on a couch extending her legs and bare feet and curling her soles. But Tess seems to have other things on her mind--after she takes down Shannon?s skin-tight jeggings, baring the girl?s pink bottom, she then shifts her attention to Miss Reid?s bare foot--sniffing, licking, and then taking the toes in her mouth. Shannon catches foot fever as well, taking off Tess?s sandal and kissing her toes. The girls go to town on each other?s peds and sometimes they even suck on their own feet. Shannon plays with Tess?s pussy once she gets the girl?s flower-print leggings down and Tess gets into sucking Shannon?s titties. The girls present themselves to the DDF cameras as they savor their fetish fun and Shannon enjoys the sensation of licking Tess?s long right calf before laying down on the couch and sucking Tess?s foot while sticking her toes into the girl?s quim. Meanwhile Tess licks Shannon?s heels. They really enjoy each other?s footy company in pix and HD video--and you will too!

Featuring: Shannon Reid and Tess

Categories: Foot Fetish, Spanking, Shaved Pussy, Tattoo and Lesbians