Sucking His Attention Away! July 25th, 2008

Blue Angel is an undeniably hot and sexy blond cutie. When her man ignored her and carried on working despite her flashing her panties, and stockings with suspenders, she couldn't believe it, so she dropped to her knees, pulled his cock out and began to suck. Soon he was giving her his undivided attention! Angel enjoyed his large veiny cock as she slobbered it and gobbled down the thick slick shaft and head. See her jerk, rub, suck, and lick his swollen love pole as he moans with pleasure and enjoys her oral attentions, all thoughts of work banished from his mind. As his moans increased she jerked him harder and faster until his cum flew over the table. He then got back to work leaving his blond BJ expert to lick up his jizz!

Featuring: Blue Angel

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