Surreal in the heels! July 7th, 2011

Zoe tantalizes us in high-heeled sandals with straps that wind around her ankles. This slender blue-eyed beauty poses her pins and size 7.5 feet well, but what's especially good about this classic set is when the cameras come in tight for some amazing closeups that show you every detail of her toes. Somehow her feet look so domineering in their French-pedicured beauty. When you look at them, you can't help but see Zoe's face in your mind at the same time, glaring at you with a sensual, glossy-lipped fierceness. Zoe lays on the floor and we get down there with her. From looking at her smooth pussy, we move to her insteps, which are criss-crossed by the straps of the sandals, and then we go up to her ankles, around which the straps are tightly wound. Next Zoe gets completely naked but saves the slow striptease of her shoes for the end, unwinding the straps from her gams. But this is just a prelude to a bizarre interlude in which Zoe puts her hands in the shoes and has them strapped up her arms. Her fingers look surreal in the heels as she moves about the floor while her feet are bare. She sucks on the heels of the shoes with her hands still in them, while curling her naked soles at us. The set concludes with her minus the shoes, and cramming her toes into her mouth while her blue eyes look penetratingly into our horny souls.

Featuring: Zoe

Categories: Foot Fetish, Solo and Small Tits