Tearing out of their pantyhose!

Hotlegsandfeet.com January 11th, 2011

Ewe Sweet meets up with Samantha Jolie. Ewe's in the black and red pantyhose, and Sam's in the pink patterned tights. You can just feel the softness of Ewe's fanny as Samantha squeezes it underneath the pantyhose. Ewe starts licking Sam through a hole in her pantyhose, then tears off the toes of Sam's tights so that she can lick at her bare toes. Ewe rips the crotch of her own hose, and Sam sticks in her foot to stir Miss Sweet's honeypot. Ewe kneels on a chair and Sam tears open the back of her friend's pantyhose so she can stick her red-polished toes into Ewe's crack. Ewe gets her toes naked too and penetrates Sam's pussy with her pink polished tootsies. The girls pose on tiptoes in their ripped pantyhose before revealing the final thrill of their show: a red strap-on dildo that now sticks out of Sam's crotch. Ewe pleasures it with her peds just as if it's a real dick, then bends over and takes the strap-on as Sam powers into her box from behind. Ewe really gets into the dildo action, finally climbing on top of Sam and riding the toy cowgirl style into the sunset!

Featuring: Samantha Jolie and Ewe Sweet

Categories: Foot Fetish, Shaved Pussy, Big Boobs, Stockings Lingerie and Lesbians