The Happy Shaft! April 12th, 2013

Scientific research sometimes costs valuable dollars to determine answers to complex issues of world-shattering significance. Then there is scientific research that probes the obvious, like: "Do women like large dicks?" Reported in the news recently was a survey that concluded, ?Yes, they do!? Gee...who woulda thunk?? Well, the brainiacs could have just taken a break from their surveys and checked out Camila & Eric Hard in this new set of pix and erotic XXX video and they would have saved time and money and gotten their answer pronto... You can tell by her rapt expression that Camila is excited to be with Eric, because she gets him mostly undressed before she even drops a stitch. She?s immediately kneeling at his naked rod. Then he manages to get her to stand up so he can see what?s she got under her duds, too. Her long legs are already obvious, but he gets the thrill of briefly fingering her shaved slot before she gets him to lean back so she can scarf his thick prick again. He finally gets her nude so he can finger and lick her some more while she fills her pale blue-eyed face with his long dark meat. She holds his balls as she tenderly enjoys his shaft on her knees, then leans back so Eric can power into her face from above. They sixty-nine but she ends up sitting on him so she can jack his happy shaft (because it makes HER happy!) before it goes back into her mouth from above for the finale. Then, after she takes a truly impressive amount of his dick, stretching her lips, he coats her chin and tongue with the fluid she has been waiting to receive!

Featuring: Camila

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