The footy time of his life! January 15th, 2011

Abbie Cat looks similar to a girl I'll call "Nora", whom I dated thirty-two years ago. Abbie is dark-haired, dark-eyed, and vivacious just as Nora was. Unfortunately Nora had a hangup about her feet being touched, much less kissed or worshiped, and so looking at Abbie's encounter with Choky Ice! I love how Abbie comes into the room barefoot and immediately starts taking Choky's attention away from his music. She gets him kissing her shapely size sevens and taking her red-polished toes into his mouth--five at a time! Her feet snake into his jeans and tug his pecker. Wow, if something like this could only have happened to me in 1979! But back then, way before the Internet, when porn movies were still shown in theaters (!), the foot fetish was regarded as dirty and perverted, and girls like my Nora looked at you as if you were crazy to ask for sole delights. Had to break up with Nora and get my thrills with pro dommes instead! Which is a whole other story... So I really enjoyed watching Abbie tug on Choky's tool. She's full of good-hearted playfulness. She takes control of his cock, but she's not cruel about it, just frisky and agile. She strokes his shaft with her soles from many different angles, smiling or laughing or grinning or just watching seductively. Abbie looks like a babe who gets into the fetish spirit but doesn't take it so seriously that she wants to put a man in a cage and throw away the key! I prefer her fun-loving style. Yessir, Mr. Ice looks as if he's having the footy time of his life as Abbie sits behind him and manipulates his meat with her wiggly digits. He doesn't fuck her, but gets in some lusty licks on her pussy and tush. It all ends when Abbie's feet coax a big splash of cream all over her soles. Looks like heaven to me--and I bet you'll feel the same way when you check out these amazing photos and HD video from the cameras of Denys DeFrancesco and his crews!

Featuring: Abbie Cat

Categories: Foot Fetish, Shaved Pussy and Boy Girl