They quest for toes in pantyhose! July 5th, 2011

Sara Class shows off her stems in green pantyhose and stylized black t-strap heels, and Milli poses in light purple hosiery in her ivory ankle strap sandals. As soon as they discover holes in their tights, they tug at them to reach the delights below. Sara tears Milli's nylon crotch apart so she can finger the shaved treasure within. She undoes Milli's ankle straps with her teeth before settling in for serious licking of Milli's spread crotch. Milli returns the favor, removing Sara's shoes, tearing her pantyhose, and lapping her snatch. Meanwhile Sara keeps thrusting her green-pantyhosed feet in our direction, so we can imagine servicing her soles while she gets pleasured by her blonde pal. Milli's pantyhose gets runny through all this frenzied activity as the gals settle in for "foot 69," sucking each others toes as they lay on the couch. We get great closeups of Sara lustily licking at Milli's red polished toes, which are sticking out of the torn tights. I think Sara's earned the honor of Model of the Day! Milli gets Sara's feet out of the pantyhose and entwines her fingers with the toes, as the ladies settle in for heel kissing and rubbing soles on their titties. They suck and lick their peds as the cameras of Denys DeFrancesco and his crews capture all the action, showing the saliva gleaming on Milli's sole, or Sara's face stuffed with toe. In the end, the girls generously present their feet to us so we can do a little worshiping of our own!

Featuring: Sara Class and Milli

Categories: Foot Fetish, Shaved Pussy, Small Tits and Lesbians