Wide for his Thermometer

Onlyblowjob.com April 7th, 2014

Most garden variety physicians don?t make house calls anymore, but perhaps if they had meat thermometers like Dr. Franco Roccaforte, they would! Case in point, his visit to Kerry, where he goes from listening to her heart and examining her tongue to taking her torrid temperature not with any typical instrument of measure, but by having his patient wrap her mouth wide around his enormous dark log for some health-inducing cock sucking in these sexy blowjob pics. We all know how the medical profession stresses the importance of patient-doctor cooperation, and Kerry takes her medico?s guidelines to heart, stuffing her face as suggested with his big dick and moving around in various positions on the couch as she does so, which gets her circulation pumping. And of course she takes her necessary dose of medicine just as prescribed, a big load of creamy spunk down her deepthroat and all over her chin in a facial cumshot you won?t find in any medical textbook except those on the shelves of the eminent Dr. Roccaforte!

Featuring: Kerry

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