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Hotlegsandfeet.com February 26th, 2011

We get a totally different kind of leggy look with the lovely Bernice wearing a white shirt with tie, plaid skirt, and black patent mary janes. She looks as if she's just gotten home from her first day at the community college. Choky Ice is asleep on her bed. When she wakes him up, which she does by standing on his back with her feet in red knee socks, his mission is to help her temporarily forget the mountain of homework she'll have now that she's a freshman. Choky takes awhile to snap out of his sleep, which is good for us because Bernice poses all over the bed trying to roust him--and we get to see her cotton panty crotch peeking under her skirt, and the bottoms of her red knee socks. Finally, when she sticks her socked soles in his face, Choky wakes up--and by that time, she's sliding her toes inside his jeans as well. Get ready for a ringside seat at a bedroom exhibition of the fetish-sexual behavior of a joyously uninhibited young lady as Bernice gets on her knees and sucks his cock, then shifts aside her panties so Choky can cram his meat in her box. If you've ever imagined what it would feel like to worship a pretty college student's sock-covered feet while she gets fucked by her boyfriend, well, here's your opportunity--because Bernice thoughtfully thrusts her feet toward our faces as she gets rapturously banged in her beave. Bernice shows a lot of talent as she does everything from sniff her own socks to ride Choky's cock cowgirl style. Her cute little ponytails fluttering with every thrust inside her snatch, Bernice doesn't forget to look our way and stick her feet in our direction so we will worship and kiss them while she gets ready for the big load of stud sperm that's going to shimmer like a pond across her wrinkled soles once she finishes tugging Choky to a long and creamy orgasm. Afterward she licks up most of it herself, but then sticks those still-gooey feet toward us, as if she's too blissed out to finish the job...and expects someone else to do the honors!!!

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