A Birthday Surprise

NubileFilms.com September 30th, 2019

It's the perfect way to curtain her own moans as Jake continues to give her the D from behind. For Vina Sky's birthday, Kiara Cole has a sexy, sultry surprise. When Kiara takes the blindfold wanting, Vina is treated to the sight of Jake Adams on the bed with his junk in a box. As Kiara's sanious pulses to bring Jake soft to the edge, Vina stands ready to grab his hardon when he pulls out and take a elaboration of jizz. Vina and Kiara take turns lapping backward at Jake's hardon, but when it in time for unerroneous fucking Kiara lets Vina have the first go. Her position makes it unhurried for Jake to skid her educate and sink on home. She gives her angel a gift, but as Vina tries to unpack the bow Kiara gently takes it from her hands and wraps it around her friends eye's. She slowly undresses Vina, then lets Vina do the same to her. Not about to leave Vina out of the action, Kara urges her girlfriend to emerge closer. Lapping up the cum that dripped onto Kiara's belly, Vina snowballs her treat with her girlfriend to finish their lovemaking. Blindfolded, Vina lets Kiara lead her into the bedroom. Kiara takes Vina's vacated site upcoming the headboard, making her twat easily conversable to Vina's warm control. Switching things up, Vina lets herself be long-drawn into Jake's arms so he can bang her while spooning. Once Vina is happily seated on Jake's dick, Kiara plants herself on his face to let him eat her out as he fucks her girlfriend. Kiara gets the next go, on her knees with Jake buried inside her hot fuck furrow doggy style. Vina is hesitant to go to her gift, but Kiara isn't about to let a little shyness stop her girlfriend from enjoying the foursome she has planned. As Kiara is enjoying one last go with Jake's stiffie, Vina leans forward to help Jake finish himself off. A double blowjob sets the scene for their loving. Exchanging shrewd kisses and passionate caresses, the girls go some time enjoying each other before they go to Jake hand in hand for the full lot. Spreading Vina's thighs, Kiara puts her tongue to line lapping away at the heart of Vina's delight. She gets all his cum and licks every drop of cum until nothing remains.

Featuring: Kiara Cole, Jake Adams and Vina Sky

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