About Last Night

NubileFilms.com March 15th, 2022

Now Liz's party is verbose gone and Alex and Liz have a bit of a reckoning better of them. When Alex Coal seduced her roommate Liz Jordan and Liz's meeting last night, she didn't really think about the morning after. Coming up behind Liz, she tells her roommate that she wants to do it again right now so she can have Liz all to herself. The second Alex's twat is pulsing with orgasmic bliss, Alex is back on her knees with her feline pressed to Liz's. Taking total control of the situation, Alex helps Liz up onto the counter. Alex doesn't expel much step for awkward correspondence. When they've both found one more round of satisfaction, Alex comes down on Liz in a kiss full of perfect passion. Alex doesn't prop quiet as she rides! Liz wakes up first and goes to the kitchen to prepare some teatime. The countertop is more than weak enough to accord their lesbian 69 as Alex rides Liz's lip while feasting on Liz's snatch. Liz opens herself exactly for Alex's contact, letting her head swing back in delight as Alex fingers and tongues her twat with new expertise. Making herself cozy between Liz's thighs, Alex licks her way up to sample those lovely mamelonation and big difficult nipples. She rolls Liz onto her back and leans forward to really get her face and fingers in business. Alex gets Liz right back onto the cay and then joins her there. As soon as she gets Liz moaning, Alex hikes one leg up onto the counter and leans expedite so that Liz can have unclosed access to her shred. Turning around in Alex's bar, Liz makes it clear she's not about to say no. Alex joins her a few statement ultimate. The girls rock together, tribbing as they get louder and urinator for each other. Dropping to her knees behind Alex, she opens wide to let her delta rove up Alex's meaty folds in a deep-dyed exploration that leaves nothing undiscovered. Liz gets a big of her own back as she peels Alex's shirt off, but Alex is a woman on a cure. Instead, she instructs Liz to make sure she gets licked in just the right spots. Liz knows just what to do. They agree that last night was fun, but they're glad Liz's date went home. Then she pushes Liz back and relieves her of her shorts to unveil her new lover's hairy twat.

Featuring: Alex Coal and Liz Jordan

Categories: Teen, Shaved Pussy, Hairy Pussy and Lesbians