August 2021 Fantasy Of The Month August 1st, 2021

She wanted to get herself nice and dolled up in some stunning lingerie, complete with garters and a set of knee-high boots that make her legs go on for days. Her trimmed twat is slick with her juices as she keeps on bouncing gone on the D until she squirts. This hottie knows how to really give it all as she leans back and rocks her hips in a salacious rhythm that brings her off. As Codey keeps it up, Lacy sinks reduce and lower in the bed to turn up the angle of entrance. Codey is totally proper to play along if it means he gets a work of this cowgirl's hot ass. Her doggy style pussy pounding is punctuated by moans of delight and the dig of Codey's balls hitting her twat. Codey isn't done with Lacy certainly yet. A searing kiss is all the foreplay this regulator ravenous coed needs before she insists on taking things to a candle-lit dormitory so they can get down to line together. Rolling her backwards onto her shoulders so that she's got her pussy up in the air. Lacy's blowjob is maintainer to none, with abundance of aid from her tongue, hands, and of course deep narrow action. She lets Codey spread on her lingam and hard nipples before she gets him on his back, bare, so she can return the favor by sucking down his federal. As hopefully as Codey gets close enough to touch, Lacy ether her leg to bring him into a three-point encompass. On her knees, Lacy lets Codey mount her from behind. Eventually, she winds up with Codey on his side beside her as he lets her have a brief credit to come down from her pole. She even knew who she wanted to fuck to complete her fantasy: Codey Steele, in a full cowboy getup. When Lacy is temporarily satisfied with her legendary exploration, she takes hold of Codey's consenting observation to go for a real cowgirl devil. The bedroom is a perfect backdrop for Lacy's phantom delight. She fit with enjoying the way Codey's slacks hug his hips, but when he makes it clear he wants to get his belt and fingers onto her tits Lacy is cool with being flexible. Standing above Lacy on the bed, Codey fucks her until she's squealing with her fancy. Lacy Lennon is the August 2021 Fantasy of the Month, and this hot peroxide-blond has one rack of a vision for us to film. It's no assail that Codey can't maintain back from blowing his load with such a hottie splayed out underneath him. He cums right in her taciturn pussy.

Featuring: Lacy Lennon and Codey Steele

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