Bathroom Fantasy February 16th, 2011

... she is that comfortable in front of the camera. We certainty you enjoy this sudatorium fantasy as much as we did... and as much as she did... : ) It's as if she is preparing herself for your arrival home so the two of you can extend what she has already free... and dreaming of you all the while. Watching Tea is like watching your girlfriend (we wish!) in the can When she kisses the mirror, it's obvious she wishes she were kissing you. This sensuous beauty is soft, slow, and slow with herself and it's so beautiful - and such a turn on - to scout... with no rush and nowhere to be - in matter, it's evident she does not need to be anywhere else. Talk about something to appear abode to... a agreeable, sexy gal like Tea getting herself all wet and ready to be sacked by you when you get there. Whew!

Featuring: Tea

Categories: Teen and Solo