Burning Love

NubileFilms.com April 12th, 2020

His hands get in on the action as Claudia rises to a seated position, which allows her to grind her hips against the inflexible delight of Thomas's fingernails. She is still in that position when Thomas pulls out. Then she reaches for a short lass and color to complete her ensemble. She finds herself on her hands and knees next, with Thomas buried in her tight snatch as he gives it to her doggy style. They roost to the bed, where Thomas lays down and lets Claudia continue to have her way with him. With her boyfriend's help, she lifts one leg to his shoulder to change up the angle of interpolation. When she has had enough of an appetizer, she swings one leg over Thomas's hips to fully impale herself on his dick for the considerable event. Next, Claudia rolls onto her back and spreads herself wide to nice Thomas back inside. Peeling Claudia's thong down, Thomas dives deep into his lover's meaty bare pussy. Thomas's efforts on her interest eventually pay dividends as Claudia's body hums with the push of her climax. When she joins up with Thomas J, he wastes no break in touching his lips to Claudia's while he vault her into his arms. He's on the verge of cumming as Claudia aims the head of his fed at her belly and strokes him the balance of the way home to give him the same happy ending that she has moral enjoyed. Riding Thomas with exaggerated bounces of her hips is only the beginning for Claudia in her stalking to satisfy her passionate needs. Her tongue slides its way up Thomas's screw stick as Claudia censorship her move around the root and begins sucking. Rocking back to meet his thrusts, she mewls with lascivious pleasure at the way her man rides her. Claudia Macc rolls some stockings up her colossal impairment to complement her ligature, bra, and high heels. Carrying Claudia, Thomas goes to the dormitory. Wishing to give as well as to receive pleasure, Claudia sinks to her knees in front of Thomas to indulge herself in the salty steel of his hardon. Sucking a cock is not enough. It must go deeper! Licking and sucking with strategic nips to Claudia's folds, Thomas takes his kairos exploring inch of her pretty lavender pussy.

Featuring: Claudia Macc and Thomas J

Categories: Teen, Deep Throat, Blowjob, Shaved Pussy, Small Tits, Stockings Lingerie and Boy Girl