Dont Stop October 22nd, 2021

Sharon isn't about to be thwarted. She leaves the room and returns in nothing but some sexy lingerie. He lets Sharon enjoy his fuck stick as he towers over her, but soon enough he hauls her back to the couch to really have his way with her. Sharon can't get enough, rocking back to meet each of Raul's strokes as she indulges in the carnal delight. When Raul pulls back from eating his love out, he fists his shaft to guide himself into her creamy twat. He takes her up on it, driving deep into her plush glove. After a brief interlude where she sucks her own juices from Raul's cock, Sharon then gets to indulge in a stiffie ride. She wants Raul's intentness, but he just keeps shooing her ware. Sharon sets a breakneck pace, only disengaging from Raul a moment before he blows his load all over her twat and bottom. Eventually, Sharon decides to bring out the big guns. Sharon's next place is on her side with Raul spooning behind her. The new position lets Raul squeeze that ass as she keeps on bouncing away. She gets down on her knees out of the camera's field of sight and crawls to Raul's lap. Raul Costa is on a function meeting with his boss, but his girlfriend Sharon White is just so bored. Sharon eventually gets off the back of the couch and rolls onto her sway and knees. Sharon helps him out, pulling her thighs back to open herself for his pussy banquet. Looking up, she locks eyes with Raul as she urges him to keep on pumping into her, a missive to which he's happy to give in. Climbing off the couch, she gets right into Raul's line of sight and flaunts her pleasing cast. The second Raul's meeting concludes, Raul is out of his chair like a rocket. Starting with her full breasts and rough nipples, Raul enjoys a provision fit for a king as he samples the goods from Sharon's tits and works his way lower to the sweet heliotrope between her thighs. Raul has no decision but to conclude his meeting while attempting to embrace the moan with his girlfriend sucking him like it's her full place job. This day, Sharon doesn't logjam for Raul's approbation. This is the moment Sharon has been waiting for, and she lets her head fall back with a long sigh. It's also brilliant for letting Raul summary sucking those titties, much to Sharon's embroilment. She begins in reverse cowgirl, then turns around. The stand lets him go for it felicitous and rigorous, delivering deep thrusts that bring Sharon to the frame. Wiggling her bottom, she invites Raul back inside. Raul is obviously interested, but he still resists the captivate of his hot girlfriend. He's oh so close as she tuns his pants down, making it a challenge Sharon is willing to accept to deep throat his big dick.

Featuring: Raul Costa and Sharon White

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