Episode 5: Anissa, master of diversion

Dorcel.com June 10th, 2022

First she gets to her feet and peels off her array in a slow striptease that reveals her cute slip beneath. She explores every inch of her hard treat with her hot little hands and wet mouth. Mission n°5 : At the end of the day, the offices are empty and Anissa has to take care of her boss so that Clea & Cherry can reoccupy some important data. His tongue finds her pussy proper and wet as he laps up her nectar. Once she has popped his stiffie out, her only goal is to sink to her knees to worship that fine cock with her keen wet mouth. Using both hands to draw him close, she licks and sucks in a loving blowjob that leaves her hungry for the main event. Anissa takes her cast to heart and gives her boss a more than pure moment to not blow her cover. Rolling her onto her hands and knees, he sinks balls deep into that lush paradise to take their loving to a new level. She impales herself exact and slow on his cock and then goes to work rocking her hips. He dives deep, giving her every inch of his love as she squirms and mewls in delight. Actrices: Anissa Kate JPX She sucks their combined juices from his cock as she rolls him onto his back so she can mount him in cross cowgirl. Durée: 00:13:37. He gets her on her back on the sneak so that he can spread her thighs and indulge himself in the pleasing musk of her juices. Thrusting up into her hot twat, he lets her moans of delight guide the depth and pace of their direct tango.

Featuring: Anissa Kate and JPX

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