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Looks Better On You - S44:E2
Boy / Girl
Blake Blossom enters her boyfriend Ryan Mclane's home dressed as the other woman. She finds the underwear she likes and tries on it, eventually settling in and pretending to be Ryan's real wife. When Ryan arrives, she interrupts her masturbation attempt, but Blake pushes him off the bed. They titty fuck, suck, and massage each other, and Blake climbs on top of Ryan, causing him to squeeze his ass. Blake then invites Ryan to devour her by spreading herself open on her back, which Ryan agrees to. Blake insists that this is a one-time event, but Ryan insists his wife won't need to know.
Keep The Chocolate - S44:E4
On Valentine's Day, Freya Parker, Andi Rose, and Octavia Red have everything they could ask for. They all wear skimpy underwear and translucent gowns, and their manservant, Quinton Jones, arrives to present gifts. Octavia opens her gift, expressing gratitude for the chocolates she's been eager to taste. Andi opens her gift, expecting a larger piece of jewelry, but reveals she wants his cock. Quinton is asked to come see Andi to express her gratitude. Octavia and Freya suck Quinton's cock, and Freya mounts Quinton's dick and has one of her girlfriends suck each tit. Quinton earns his own happiness by making the three ladies happy with his cock. The greatest present they could ask for is a mouthful of cum to share.
A Gift From My Wife - S37:E27
Threesome FFM
Jazmin Luv, a devoted woman, hesitates to introduce her friend Rachel Rivers to her boyfriend Kyle Mason. Before Kyle arrives home, Jazmin invites Rachel over for a private moment. Rachel is initially hesitant, but Jazmin reveals her intentions and sucks her into her ass. Kyle startsles Jazmin, but she takes it lightly, allowing him to be lured into a cocksucking threesome. Rachel sucks Kyle's fuck stick, and Jazmin eats her alive. The girls then have Kyle lie down, allowing Jazmin to ride him while displaying intense enjoyment. Rachel burys her face between Jazmin's thighs, and Jazmin kills Rachel just as Kyle kills her. The girls band together to give Kyle a double blowout, and Kyle finally gives Rachel a lucky "cum shot."
Really Getting To Know Our Friends On Halloween - S45:E13
Halloween is approaching, and Eliza Ibarra is preparing to transform into a sensual vampire. Robby Echo, her boyfriend, and her friends Jay Romero and Maria Kazi come to decide where to place fake blood. They plan to lust for the men, and they quickly get their hands on the girls. They engage in a passionate kiss, with the boys adoring their tits. The girls then exchange partners, with Robby giving Maria a ride and Jay fucking Eliza. Eliza enjoys Robby from behind, while Maria enjoys him from behind. After a successful sexy exchange, Eliza is given a steamy reward by Robby.