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Business And Pleasure - S42:E17
Threesome FFM
Ryan Mclane employs two sugar babies, Kyler Quinn and Maya Woulfe, under the pretense of being his helpers. Despite their attempts to be tough, they become more intimate and touching with Ryan. They engage in physical acts, such as revealing their undies and giving Kyler an ass shake. Ryan comforts them by licking their asses. The girls share Ryan's hardon in a double BJ and move into the bedroom, where they engage in reverse cowgirl fashion. Maya squeals with pleasure as Ryan gives her a tongue-twat, while Kyler enjoys himself and slobbers on Maya's behind. The girls laugh and smile as they give each other a cummy kiss.
Bad Stepmom - S20:E7
Girl / Girl
Demi Hawks, her adoptive mother, shares her experiences with her stepfather, Tyler Cruise, playing a board game. The next evening, Demi overhears them playing the game and admits to joining. They become a threesome, with Tyler making strange acts, such as Pristine getting into Demi's mouth and causing her to dodle herself. Pristine scolds Demi and instructs her to step up, making it difficult for Tyler to fuck Demi.
No Looking At Stepmommy - S19:E4
Aiden Ashley attempts to be friendly with her stepson Jayden Marcos, but Jayden is only interested in Aiden's attractive appearance. Aiden covers herself in water and lets him dry her off, but warns him that if his father finds out, he will be furious. Aiden licks Jayden's ear and requests to suck his dick disgustingly. Aiden crawls onto Jayden's lap, cowgirls him, and finally lets him look at her. Jayden feeds Aiden's pussy and gives her a doggy fuck. Aiden pulls out, leaving her with a sticky gift.