Giving And Taking September 26th, 2023

Meanwhile, she buries her moans in Harley's snatch as she eats her girlfriend out. Harely chooses that moment to place her pussy in licking range for Angel, giving her something more productive to do with her mouth. When it's one to move on to the actual fucking, the girls piece so nicely there, too. Riding is just what Harley wants to do, too. Leading Alex to the bedroom, Angel and Harley fall. Angel waits to make positive Harley is enjoying, then crawls on top of her friend's lineaments to bait the tongue. Angel climbs aboard Alex's tongue she he can fuck her with his mouth even as Harley rides. Alex tries to tell them that he's already given them their allowance, but they rub themselves all over him and paw at his dick while wheedling for more. They get Alex onto his back and pop his hardon out to play. When Alex lays down, Harley gets her fancy as she impales herself on his hardon and rocks her hips. Eventually Alex agrees, at which point Angel tells him to come with them so they can show him how appreciative they are. Working together, Angel Gostosa and Harley Haze are supposed to get dressed up for a date with their sugar daddy, Alex Legend. In the face of their problem, Angel hatches a plan to coax Alex into taking them shopping. Working together, the herbaceous tag company that delicious dick with their hands and mouths working in tandem to get their party started in earnest. As Alex pulls out to blow his load all over Angel's muff, Harley is right there to lick it all up and give Angel a taste of the goods, too. He takes her nice and deep, respectable the way Harley likes it. Dressing in curve lingerie, the herbaceous come down to the kitchen where Alex is waiting. Angel gets on her knees with Alex fucking her from behind. Rolling over to spoon with Angel, Alex reenters her. They good don't have anything to wear, though, and they've both used up their monthly allowance. Scooting dispatch when it's her turn, Harley cope her legs to gift Alex full operation to slide on home into her coochie. He sets off a nice fast rhythm, causing Angel to throw her chief back in delight.

Featuring: Alex Legend, Harley Haze and Angel Gostosa

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