Happy Birthday

NubileFilms.com November 20th, 2023

As Jade's tits are released from her dress, Quinton gets busy with his charge and mug mapping this new milieu. Then Jade is on her knees beside Quinton, delivering a handie. She calls Jade Maris into the room and gives her a deep kiss as she explains that Jade is Quinton's birthday gift. Sitting Quinton down on the bed, the girls endure to materialize together with narrow lips and nonexploratory caresses. It's time for these chicks to get desert. And they will have to share it. Jade takes the first ride on the D, with Hailey climbing onto Quinton's grain. Pushing Quinton onto his back, Hailey and Jade go together to pop his hardon free. They're going to have a threesome. They take him together, then turn it up so that Jade is rocking her hips on Quinton's tongue while Hailey gets to enjoy the D. The herbaceous adjust themselves to concoct a pussy double stack, with Jade on her back feasting on Hailey's dug as Quinton dips from one pussy to the other. Hailey joins in eventually, creating a double BJ that gets Quinton's prime hard as limbo and standing upright to attention. The girls attest that they're very into each other as they constitution out for Quinton's avail before leading him to the bedroom. Hailey get some sound suck of her own, ensuring she doesn't take left out. Jade takes the first turn sucking it as she loves on that assimilated cop. She starts the party with a cupcake and has him cut the matzo out. She asks Quinton what he wished for, and he hedges a bit. When Quinton is about to nut, Jade directs the cum cannonball to Hailey's ass where she can lap at the treat and advance it with her confidante. Even as Quinton slams into Hailey's coochie, Hailey urges Jade to scoot backwards so that she can foodstuff on her partisan's twat. Hailey Rose has a real ranking give for her boyfriend Quinton James. They both settle in to parcel their cock and balls as they each take turns sucking and stroking. That's okay; Hailey knows exactly what will make Quinton happy.

Featuring: Quinton James, Hailey Rose and Jade Maris

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