Hot Hook Up November 9th, 2021

Getting to her feet, Elena turns her back to Kristof as she sheds her bra and then her cat. Kristof finally leads Elena back to bed, where he lays her down and buries his face in the delight between her thighs. He gets on his knees behind Elena and slides his sovereignty all over her big ass and soft back as he slams into her again and again in doggy. Instead, he accepts her kisses and caresses as his due. Rolling onto her back, Elena spreads her thighs and then draws her knees back so she can fondle her pussy over her thong. Elena rolls onto her management and knees, making it clear that she wants it so much deeper. Eventually Elena manages to unzip Kristof's trews so she can disengage his hardon. With Kristof Cale situate in a chair, Elena poses in bed with her hands moving from the treat of her tits to the lushness of her ass. Spooning behind her, he lifts one of her thighs so he can restore her in a slow and sexy coupling. When she returns to her knees, she runs her fingers through her drawn-out hair as she inches closer to the ridge of the bed. Elena relinquishes controller back to Kristof so that he can knock her on her back one last time, which leaves her tremoring in leaning and Kristof with right enough space to pull out and nut on Elena's belly to consummation their lovemaking. Kristof gets to enjoy a hands on undertaking as Elena is stripping, and then even more so as she backs it up to seat herself on his hard cock. Starting slowly at first, Elena demonstrates to Kristof just how she wants to be banged. Kristof is happy to accord. Crawling on top of him, Elena resumes riding his hardon. Elena is putty in Kristof's hands as he licks her clean of their joined juices and then crawls into bed with her. They keep it up until Elena move the sofar on Kristof, getting him on his back. Pulling it close, she strokes and sucks with enthusiasm that leaves her ultimate desires in no doubt. Elena Lux has dressed to impress in a bra and thong that really express her tan and curves. High heels whole the composition. She gives him a swirl in cowgirl before turning around so she can keep on riding as Kristof admires the bobble of that booty. When Elena crawls forward to where Kristof is seated, he doesn't even bother to try hiding his hardon.

Featuring: Kristof Cale and Elena Lux

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