INTIMATE February 23rd, 2011

This "flirty, outgoing, and round" gal really shows us what she's made of in this video and it's a pleasure to watch her get all "girly". Growing up in Las Vegas, she is a self-proclaimed "outdoor girl", but can also be "girly" when she wants - as this video clearly proves. : ) Hearing the always taking and sexy Renee talk about herself makes her even more adorable and sexy - if that's possible. If you like sexy "tomboys", then Renee is the girl for you. Don't get us wrong, we love hearing her talk about herself, but let's bluff it, with a girl as beautiful as Renee, there's only one thing on our mind... and what we affection most about Renee is that she knows that, and has no problem showing it to us.

Featuring: Renee P.

Categories: Teen and Solo