Its Been A While August 20th, 2021

Lovely Azazai has decked herself out in some strange undergarments that hugs her shapeliness while leaving just enough to the fiction. Now it's Murgur's turn to prove he's honorable of Azazai's attention as she gets on her sway and knees and offers herself to him. Resuming her previous position, Azazai finally goes from teasing to the real thing as she sinks down onto Murgur's mate stick. Then she leans forward, lapping her parole along the shaft. When Azazai has dirty Murgur nice and hard, she action his fuck stick out of his pants. When she spies him approaching her apartment, Azazai strikes a poise in the balcony. Murgur kneels between Azazai's thighs and gives it to her exactly the way she wants, swift and furious, but gentle enough to insure that she's enjoying herself with every moment. As soon as Murgur approaches the bed, Azazai shifts so that they are seated facing one another. She lets Murgur lift her counter and fuse them, peppering her accord toes with kisses that lead to a bit of sucking. Using that anchor, he shoves deceitful to milk a routine of ever louder moans from Azazai's lips. In return, Azazai gets Murgur on his back once again and goes to bailiwick blowing him until he gives her a mouthful of hot cum to enjoy at the end of their lovemaking. Murgur is no swing when it comes to climbing the stairs, and he is rewarded for his speed by the sight of his girlfriend laying in bed with a do me gambol and a finger beckoning him closer. She finishes preening in front of the reflect as she quartet for Murgur to join her. Once she's had a smack, she can't get enough of licking and sucking. When she turns around and guides Murgur back inside her eiderdown glove, Azazai goes back to answer at a spoils bouncing shuffle. She gives him a sensual nettle, gyrating her hips for both of their relish as she leans forward to form out with him. Not wanting to be left out, Murgur tugs Azazi around so that he can go to canton eating out her greedy twat while she leans forward to complete their 69. Rolling onto her back, Azazai pulls her legs back to high herself totally for some more hardcore fun. He takes what she has to offer, sliding deep and slipping his hands over the swell of her rump. Then Azazai crawls up Murgur's body so that she can indulge in a bit of dry humping that lets them enjoy each other before they really commit to the hardcore lifestyle. Murgur collects every drop of cum and licks toroughly her fingers.

Featuring: Azazai and Murgur

Categories: Cum In Mouth, Facial, Deep Throat, Blowjob and Boy Girl