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Last night between friends

At Mariska's property, the Christmas season comes to a close. Carollina Cherry, Shalina Devine, James Duval, and Kristof Cale decide to spend one last evening together to fortify their more-than-friendship relationship as Tiffany Leiddi, Mariska, and Ricky Mancini share a drink. Duration: 00:21:29. Actors: Devine Shalina Carolin Cherry Duval James Kristof Cale

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Your Love - S21:E9
Girl / Girl
Brunette Sarah Kay uses a bathtub wand to wash her body, but she is drawn to her lustful, exposed pussy. She seeks help from Kristof Cale, who helps her control her cravings. Sarah climbs on top of Kristof, giving him kisses and putting his entire length into her mouth. She enjoys private time with him, gripping his bouncing boobs and creating friction. Kristof pushes Sarah to the brink of rapture, leaving her gasping for air. After turning Sarah over, Kristof uses long stiffie strokes and pressure to her sensitive spots, pushing him past his breaking point.
Late Night Romance - S16:E19
Shaved pussy
Arian approaches Kristof Cale, dressed in a thong and skimpy bra, with sensual candles setting the mood for romance. Kristof covers Arian's breasts and kisses her down, knowing exactly what Arian wants. When Kristof arrives, Arian is eager for sex and is greeted by his deft mouth and fingers. Kristof discovers Arian's smooth and tight pussy, and they enjoy a blowjob. Arian rolls onto Kristof's lap, extending an invitation to him. Kristof finishes the job, pushing her back, and then takes Arian off one last time. Arian leaves satisfied and grinning with just a few gentle strokes from her hands.
Seductive Foreplay - S18:E25
Girl / Girl
Nathaly, dressed in a bra and underwear, engages in foreplay with her partner, Kristof Cale, by posing for photos. After removing Kristof's penis, she engages in passionate dick sucking, rubbing his long shaft into her mouth. Kristof then lays down on his stomach, burying his face in her, and giving her a two-digit pussy fingering. They reach a crescendo of need, and Nathaly mounts him, making her entire body tremble, especially her tits. She offers to fuck in the doggie fashion, and Kristof crashes into Nathaly's hot wetness. They work him intensely, and when they finish, Kristof puts two fingers into her creamy fuck hole to keep her moist and willing.
Tickle Fight - S19:E6
Girl / Girl
Christen Courtney and Kristof Cale engage in a playful wrestling match on the bed. Kristof directs his phone at Christen, who enjoys the sensation of his tongue caressing her clit. Christen helps Kristof undress and adores his twat, but Kristof has other ideas. Christen sinks into her warm embrace, revealing his twat and showcasing his sensual strokes. Christen tries to subjugate Kristof, but Kristof is ready to let him go. Christen wraps her lips around his shaft, manipulating him with her hands and tongue until Kristof explodes in a sticky, salty mess of love all over her abdomen and chest.
Love Connection - S16:E30
Shaved pussy
Roxy James is excited to brighten Kristof Cale's day by nudge him out of his slumber. He enjoys the dampness of Roxy's thong before slidling them off. Kristof then massages Roxy's back and posterior, ensuring she is completely soaked. He quickly smashes into and out of Roxy's warm wetness, and she takes control of him. They engage in a lengthy orgasmic stiffie ride, with Roxy laying her cheek against the bed. Roxy's fuck hole pulsates around him, and Kristof loses control in a matter of moments. He covers Roxy's bottom with his hot jizz as he pulls out, waiting until the very last second.
Cum Inside - S14:E24
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Gina Gerson, a thin woman, enjoys a hot shower with her partner Kristof Cale. They engage in a sensuous blowout, with Gina encircling his manhood. Kristof then slips his cock into Gina's snatch, causing her moans to increase. They then engage in a deep penetration angle, with Gina allowing herself to climb onboard to control the angle and tempo of penetration. Gina moves her hips and massages Kristof's dick, allowing his shot to drop deep into Gina's gluteal region, glutting her with his cum.
Fucking Amazing - S9:E25
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Cutie Kattie Gold is eager to see her beau Kristof Cale, who warms her up before bringing things inside. Kattie responds to his intensity by putting her lips around his cock and starting a blowjob. Kristof reciprocates, licking and nibbling her clit, fondling her diamond-hard nipples. The couple places Kattie on top, sinking her teeth into his dick. Kristof then gets his hands on her bouncing tits, and Kattie's orgasm crashes through her skinny frame. Kristof shows his love in its purest form by spilling his seed all over Kattie's empty stomach.
Cum Covered - S15:E8
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Gina Gerson discovers her partner, Kristof Cale, sleeping and unable to enjoy her playful maneuvers. Despite this, she rouses him up and licks his lips. She then reveals his cock and savors every inch of his cock with deliberate thrusts. Gina can't resist biting his dick and enjoys a wild time. She then engages in spooning sex to get deep penetration and long kisses. To repay her kindness, Gina uses her tiny hands to entice Kristof into giving her a hot sperm.