Lavish In Leopard Print April 14th, 2021

Tiny Tina returns to Wet and Puffy for todays update dressed in a leopard print miniskirt and a black lace cropped top. With one leg lifted up, this hottie rubs her puffy pussy and we zoom in from underneath on the action! She looks so sensual as she pleasures herself with her fingers, pausing to suck them clean. Tina sits down on the wooden bench and takes off her top to give her small but perfect tits some action. She finds a little mint green sex toy and licks it before she rubs it against her nipples and her pussy too! Her XXL lips swell with pleasure as she rubs her vibrator against them and then she inserts it into herself too! This gorgeous girl leans over on her side and continues her sex toy play action then moves onto a black beaded dildo which she uses to tease her juicy puffy pussy with! She uses both toys at the same time to pleasure herself with and enjoys an immense orgasm!

Featuring: Tiny Tina

Categories: Solo, Teen, Shaved Pussy and Small Tits