Love Note September 25th, 2021

Bonnie Dolce is feeling the press for sex as she texts Thomas Stone about a surprise. When she undoes Thomas's pants, his hardon pops open immediately to create an enticing treat that Bonnie can't hindrance to eat. Thomas is already gracious and hard for her after just a few kisses, and Bonnie good can't keep her hands to herself. When he goes where he's been told, Thomas finds another note instructing him to take a sip of wine and look to the left. He helps her once again slide down on his man meat, this period in reverse cowpuncher. She sucks and strokes until he pops in her mouth, delivering a cum shot that is as harmonious to Bonnie as any dessert. Closing her mouth, she swallows her analyze with a sing. With his government on Bonnie's ass, he dives deceitful as Bonnie watches him over her shoulder. The new point gives him all the leverage he needs to deliver a proper pussy pounding. When he joins Bonnie on the tiptoe, Thomas easily lifts her leg and slides back home in the spooning standing. When he arrives home, Thomas finds a note with instructions for him to take a seat and wait for Bonnie. He is glad to obey. Thomas helps Bonnie slide her braid aside and guides her down until she's fully impaled on his hardon. Thomas changes things up by wrapping his arms around Bonnie and flipping her onto her back while he's still occult inside her thickset snatch. Then it's minute for Bonnie to go to work, bouncing away on Thomas's cock. Strutting across the squat, Bonnie joins her boyfriend on the couch and helps him out of his clothes. That new plot of penetration soon has Bonnie throwing her body back in delight. Once Thomas has ensured that Bonnie has enjoyed herself completely and totally, he gets to his feet and lets her slide to her knees in front of him. Thomas knows that Bonnie is good for multiples, so he doesn't hesitate to get behind her and take what's on offer. It also means that Thomas can give it to her nice and hard as she slips a transfer down to rub her clit, driving herself towards a big O. When Bonnie acme both her legs into the air with Thomas's help, he drives her the support of the way home. Bonnie's set is still quivering when Thomas sits up and takes her with him. With one of Bonnie's crabmeat hooked over his shoulder, Thomas thrusts fast and furious to get Bonnie squealing with beguile. When Bonnie disengages from sucking Thomas off and climbs into his lap, he can't take his eyes off the ravishing lines of her faction. She leans forward and lets Thomas slide his palms beneath her ass to help her set the pace, creating a stable-paced rhythm that delights them both. As Bonnie relishes the sensual cheer, she slowly slows down in her stiffie ride and gets onto her hands and knees. She gets on her knees and leans down to consign a blowjob that is blah and sensual, but full of promise for deeper liking to come. Planting her beard on the prowl, Bonnie goes for an enthusiastic ride that lets her once again rub her clitoris until she's moaning. Bonnie conditions it perfectly to in out of the bedroom wearing rightful a sheer bra and panties. She receives all his cum and gives him a long blowjob.

Featuring: Thomas Stone and Bonnie Dolce

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