Make It Up To You November 30th, 2021

Rising up from his knees, he captures Martina's cod in a gentle curtsy. She leans in to suck just the tip at first. Reentering her from behind, he lets his hands roam her lovely ass. From there, it's a simple thing to guide himself into her tight twat. Raul Costa knows he's fucked up with Martina Smraldi and that he needs to renovate, pronto. When he joins Martina on the couch to spoon behind her, the angle of penetration changes and her gasps of delight grow even sweeter. Raul takes back control as he helps Martina onto her sovereignty and knees. Her BJ picks up in pace, going faster and deeper the soul she sucks. He goes all out, buying Martina flowers and getting down on one knee to beg for mercy. Turning around, Martina keeps on bouncing in reverse cowgirl while rubbing her clit for the ultimate pleasure. Finding Martina nice and wet, Raul eventually brings his palm up to partner in the fun as Martina squirms and moans beneath his touch. He slowly turn his way down her lithe body, tugging Martina's top down to free her breasts so he can worship them with his hands and mouth. Raul isn't finished with his apologies. As Raul licks at Martina's nipples, his hand slips lower to lift her miniskirt and trace patterns across her hot twat. She begins her moment in weight by straddling Raul's thighs and sinking homestead in cowgirl so she can ride him while he suckles her boobs. When Martina responds with enthusiasm, Raul knows just what he has to do. All revved up and sharp to go, Raul helps Martina onto her back and hooks one of her ankles around his neck to really bare her up. Rocking back to meet each of Raul's strokes, Martina ensures he gets as much out of their furious coupling as she does. Easing Martina onto her back, Raul keeps up his apology as he tugs her slip aside. Martina demonstrates that Raul's front is accepted as she gets to her feet and leans her nude body in against his. Once Martina's pussy has finished pulsing, Raul pulls out to cum all over that lovely bottom as the last hurrah of his apology. Dropping down onto her knees on the ottoman slowly, Martina springs Raul's hardon free from his pants. Leaning in, he breathes hot air on Martina's clit and then gets flowery with his tongue. Martina is initially unwilling to hear Raul out, but after a while she lastly relents and softens towards him. Raul takes Martina's place on the lodge so that she can have her bend ravishing him. Martina's moans are all the manipulation Raul needs to go harder, faster, deeper.

Featuring: Raul Costa and Martina Smeraldi

Categories: Blowjob, Shaved Pussy and Boy Girl