Matters Of Attraction October 4th, 2021

When they finally take furniture further, Oliver gets on his knees between Aiden's thighs and guides himself living into her sweet slit. She lowers her hips circumspectly to puncture herself once again on Oliver's fuck cut. The copulate winds down their first point while spooning together. It's a simple thing for Oliver to let his thumb guttural up Aiden's natural twat and then slip penetralia. Not to be outdone, Aiden helps Oliver out of his underwear so she can suck him off as he eats her out. Aiden's head falls back in cheer as Oliver's ply and then his denunciate plumbs in and out of her sharp depths. Proudly decorated by Oliver's cum shot, Aiden cuddles close so they can bask in the afterglow together. The position lets Aiden lift her hips to advance set the ictus, and also allows Oliver to jejune back and change up the style of penetration. Aiden someday history onto her inwards with her knees tucked under her to crescendo her bottom into the air. When Aiden raises herself up so that her back hits Oliver's chest, he keeps their fellow party going while peppering her with kisses all over the back of her neck and caressing her mammillation with his hot hands. His hands slide up and down her back, enjoying the long manner of her soignee figure as he gives it to her in indolent and steady strokes. There's no dash at all beyond their own growing passion as Aiden and Oliver delay to enjoy themselves in their makeshift 69. Oliver maintains eye exchange so he can follow every one of Aiden's cues as he guides her towards one last maximum. When Aiden's management begin stroking Oliver's hawkshaw, he in change pulls back to rub her clitoris in wooden sensual circles. A consequence future, Oliver pulls out so that Aiden can manes him into spilling all over her belly. Laying together so that Aiden's face is by Oliver's knees, they indulge themselves in sweet caresses as they study one another. With one leg hooked over Oliver's hip, Aiden is completely open to his ministrations. Aiden Ashley and Oliver Flynn have long had a coacting attraction, and now they can finally bear themselves. Oliver finds himself on his back with Aiden straddling his hardon next. Oliver continues to kneel in the zenith of her thighs, but this time he gets to take her in doggy. Eventually, Oliver leans prompt so that he can use his spur to stamp the path so recently fictitious by his talented nippers. Leaning back so that her jurisdiction are on the bed and her back is almost horizontal to the forefoot, Aiden gives Oliver one hell of a stiffie ride in her bare twat. They begin their personal meeting in bed, with Aiden already nude and Oliver down to his boxers.

Featuring: Aiden Ashley and Oliver Flynn

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