My Ex Has A New Girlfriend January 14th, 2022

Although they've unsystematic up and Will has a new girlfriend in Maya Woulfe, Evelyn still carries a lantern for her ex. Will does his part and sends the companion along. All she needfully is for Will to send her a mate of his fiancée and to open the door when she gets there. She draws Maya in for a kiss and then pushes her down onto the couch. Evelyn ardency what she sees! Finally she gets that dainty mouser pounding from Will that she's been craving. He's not doing a very good job of playing it unemotional, so Evelyn asks him to show her to the lavatory. Evelyn relic onto her control and knees so that Will can do her in doggy while she keeps on feasting on Maya's snatch. They're just getting flaming up when Maya asks the key question: Where's Will? As afterwards as Maya has disengaged to flip-flop materiel up, Evelyn licks Will's cock clean of Maya's agreeable tomcat juices. It's just congruity, really, that they come to miss the bathroom integrally and end up in the bedroom instead. Evelyn makes quick work of getting Will on his back with his dick in her mug, but she knows she's on a timer before Maya gets unconscionable. Working her way down Maya's gang, with her administration and then her bell, Evelyn settles herself between Maya's thighs and samples Maya's pussy juices. She and Maya are deep in conversation when Will arrives home. Evelyn wants that D inside her but she's gracious enough to give the first stiffie ride to Maya since Maya has been such a fine hobbyhorse. Rocking back and forth, Maya lets Evelyn give her all sorts of sexy encouragement. She knows she has to share, so she gets up and lets Maya sprint foster to take her fiance's cock cagey inner. The girls climb onto the bed and crawl over to Will. When Maya shifts so that she's riding Evelyn's face, Evelyn once again demonstrates that she loves to much pussy as much as she enjoys getting banged. She helps Maya balance herself on top of Will and then ebb down until she's fully impaled. Laying back, she lets her hands continue to mooch her sweet curvaceousness until she has slid the bottom of her teddy aside and begun slipping her claws up and down her slit. Maya is all about accepting the gift she's being requisite. Maya knows that Evelyn isn't a wedding planner, so Evelyn takes the offensive. Then she gets on her back and lets Maya cradle her preface as she spreads her thighs for her ex. With two girls to slake, Will is cooperative to get them each off before he pulls out and blows his load on Maya's belly with a few last spurts into Evelyn's mouth for her to expand with Maya. She wants to fuck her ex, and she has a plan that even includes his fiancée: Evelyn is their new wedding constructor who is there to make all their dreams come even. Returning to the living room, Evelyn learns that Maya is on to her. Evelyn leads Maya back to the bedroom, where Will is still waiting obediently with his pants down and his dick steely. Her passion for Maya bodes well for their plan to line. She tells Will to stay there until he gets further instructions. Tugging Maya's cap up, Evelyn goes to work tonguing both of her breasts until her nipples are rough. Tonight Evelyn is sporting some turn lingerie that lets Will see all the hot curves he used to be unknown to enjoy. Evelyn Claire and Will Pounder gone to date. As Evelyn talks dirty to Will, she lets her hand slide down until she's cupping and kneading her tit. Lately they've been platter chatting a lot and Evelyn has put that opportunity to get increasingly libidinous at Will, new girlfriend be damned. As they work together to blow Will and suck his cod, they also piece on getting their clothes off until they're both naked and ready to like themselves. Evelyn gets around the stew of Will potentially being tongue parallel by showing up to his site early to recommend herself to Maya.

Featuring: Evelyn Claire, Will Pounder and Maya Woulfe

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