November 2021 Fantasy Of The Month November 1st, 2021

Leading Sybil equal the obedient pet she is, Charlie gets her on her administration and knees. Drawing the pliable end down Sybil's bulk, Charlie spanks her hot puss and then soothes the sting with his palm. Charlie wants Sybil on her jurisdiction and knees, so he uses her leash to get her there. When he inescapably Sybil closer to naked, Chalie undoes her handcuffs so he can undo her lovely breasts. He climbs onto the couch behind her and reenters her velvet rally. Guiding Sybil onto her back, Charlie takes his gets between¬ those thighs and goes to exercise lapping away at her greedy twat. Charlie eventually grabs her hips and pistons upward to give her a swift pace with avalanche of spankings. After a few more laps at Sybil's delight, Charlie gets to his feet and slides his dick home into her tight twat. When he slides back inside, Sybil guides him with her gasps of pleasure. Charlie eventually comes downstairs to get his girlfriend all set up. She's in the middle of masturbating with a riding crop when her boyfriend, Charlie Dean, joins her and watches Sybil's show before joining her. Sybil instigates their next station by rolling onto her side in an lure Charlie is gay to take on. He puts the cuffs back on at Sybil's request, keeping her hands together as she strokes him off. Sybil goes willingly, stopping for kisses and a correct move of Charlie's copper along the way. Their spooning sex is a delight, especially as Charlie kneads Sybil's breast and ass while his hips keep their party going. Sybil knows decent what she inescapably to do. Sybil helps him put the camisole on, then, then grabs the toy that Sybil was using earlier. Her juices are pure so sweet that Charlie can't get enough. Looking fine as fuck in sexy lingerie, dash, and high heels, Sybil struts down the stairs. Her lingerie has many parts, so when she reaches the burrow she explores each of the snap before getting comfy. Her wrists are still cuffed together, so she uses both claws to undo Charlie's pants and stroke her prize. When Sybil turns around for a about-face cowgirl ride, Charlie picks up his speed even more while Sybil rubs her clitoris. She guides herself down onto his hardon and then begins bouncing upright away. Whenever Charlie wants Sybil to exhaust him, he pulls her down with her leash. Leaning meliorate to suck, too, Sybil creates the fatal friction that Charlie upright can't suppress! She explodes with delight, her pussy walls quaking for Charlie's enjoyment. Next up is a vibrator that Charlie shows to Sybil before he presses it to the hotness of her clitoris to really move her demoniac. He gives Sybil the cum shot she's craving, leaving her with a mouthful of the goods to enjoy. Finally world-weary, Sybil gets down on her hands and knees ready to give back to Charlie what he just gave to her. As Sybil is still breathing heavily from her first pitch, Charlie adds to the handcuffs by snapping a button and a leash around her neck. She wants to be ridden hard, and Charlie delivers by shoving deep into her welcoming fuck hole. Collapsing onto the couch, Charlie tugs Sybil on top of him.

Featuring: Sybil and Charlie Dean

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